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‘that you can still do what you want to’: Theresa may on how diabetes has changed her lifestyles

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residence secretary Theresa may explains how she manages her kind 1 diabetes

When she came down with a heavy chilly in November 2012, house Secretary Theresa may’s first idea was once that she should get it checked out by means of her GP.

Her husband had simply had a similar cold that had developed into bronchitis, so it made feel for her to get it checked out before the same thing came about to her. however she had no idea that this used to be a visit to the GP that might trade her existence ceaselessly.

whereas she was once there, she mentioned to her GP that she had lately lost a number of weight, though she hadn’t concept much about it and had put it down to “dashing about” in her role as residence Secretary. however the GP made up our minds to do a blood take a look at anyway. all at once, she used to be being informed that she had diabetes.

The news came as a shock, though looking back she realises she had one of the traditional signs. in addition to the burden loss, she was consuming extra water than universal and making extra typical journeys to the lavatory. however, it wasn’t something she thought about a lot at the time.

“That summer used to be the Olympics, so lifestyles was in a different order,” she says. “There was much more happening, so I didn’t in reality notice.”

She was once diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but, when the remedy didn’t work she went for further tests and, in the end, the information got here again that she had type 1.

The more folks can see that people with diabetes can lead a typical life doing the kind of things that other folks do, the better it is for those who are identified with it to maintain it

house Secretary Theresa may just

“My very first reaction was once that it’s impossible as a result of at my age you don’t get it,” she says, reflecting the popular misconception that simplest youthful folks get diagnosed with type 1. in reality, one in 5 individuals recognized with type 1 are over forty when they improve it.

“however, then my response used to be: ‘Oh no, I’m going to must inject’ and eager about what that will mean in sensible phrases.”

The exchange in diagnosis supposed switching from taking tablets to 2 insulin injections per day, which has now elevated to four. And whereas she used to be already aware about the condition – a cousin developed it as a teenager – like somebody with diabetes, she needed to speedy study what managing it intended in practical terms.

“I hadn’t liked the level of management it requires and that i hadn’t preferred, for instance, the paradox that whereas everyone assumes diabetes is set no longer eating sugar, if in case you have a hypo, then it’s important to take one thing that’s acquired that prime glucose content.”

And, whereas managing diabetes can be tricky for any person, juggling it with the job of being residence Secretary presents distinctive challenges. “the additional considerations for me are that I eat out loads,” she explains.

“i go to a lot of capabilities where i am eating and i discuss at dinners, so that brings an delivered complication. once I’m going to do a debate or speaking at a convention, i’ve to make sure that I’ve examined and recognize the place i am, so i will regulate as vital.”

protecting on top of her situation has even led to her surreptitiously breaking the home of Commons’ strict rules on not eating in the Chamber.

“There was one party when I had been anticipating to go into the Chamber later, but the way in which the debates were drawn up meant I needed to go in at 11am and i knew I wasn’t coming out until about five,” she recalls.

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