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The Basic Facts about a Healthy Daily Diet

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Our Daily Diet

The Basic Facts about a Healthy Daily Diet

Good Fats For your dietour daily diet

Contrary to common belief not all fats are bad. You will observe that good fats are essential for your body’s health. The omega fatty acids will flourish your heart and your brain health. These fatty acids will decrease the occurrence of inflammation and disease within your body. Some foods rich in omega fatty acids include; nuts, salmon, seeds, cod liver oil, and eggs. Any of these items would be beneficial for a healthy daily diet.

Fruits & Vegetables for your Diet

Every well balanced healthy daily diet should include plenty of fruits and Vegetables. You should consume five to eight servings of vegetables and fruits every day. For this, it is most important for you to eat different sorts of vegetables and fruits. Fruits and Vegetables can be either a simple or a complex carb, thus, you have to ensure that you eat a variety of vegetables and fruits everyday for a healthy daily diet.

Protein  for your Diet

Protein is the most important part of any healthy daily diet. Your skin, hair, and nail health are a result of the protein that you consume. Protein is essential for muscle maintenance and growth. If you’re a meat eater like me you could devour chicken, fish, beef, lamb, eggs, or even drink a glass of milk for protein. For vegans, you could consume nuts, soy, beans, and even some sprouted grains for protein. Be sure to incorporate protein in every meal for a healthy daily diet.



Water consumption is vital to any successful diet. You should drink plenty of water everyday. Water cleanses our body from waste and toxins. It also rejuvenates us by carrying nutrients throughout our body. Water is crucial to proper nutrition and good health, and should be included in our daily diet.
Every healthy diet should consist of good fats, protein, fruits, and vegetables. It is also important to be sure to consume plenty of water to ensure good health. A healthy daily diet can have tremendous health benefits and help you avert potential health risk like diabetes and cancer. Take a chance and dare to be adventurous with your own healthy daily diet.

Our Daily Diet

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