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Slimming World Winner of the yr: Morbidly obese woman sheds 20st after breaking her bath

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Slimming World Woman of the Year: Morbidly obese woman sheds 20st after breaking her bath PH

Bríanán McEnteggart has been crowned Slimming World woman of the yr

At just 27 years previous Bríanán McEnteggart weighed a massive 32st 11lbs and wore a dress dimension 34.

After a pursuits health test together with her physician in October 2011 she was told that if she failed to deal with her weight she may be lower than 18 months away from a heart attack.

“hearing one thing like that from the physician scares the residing daylights out of you,” she says.

Then, just days later, she was dealt any other blow when the bath at her family house broke underneath her heavy weight. 

“I was once having a shower as basic when I heard a noise and realised the bathtub had cracked.

“I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t wish to have to come out and tell my parents I’d damaged the bathtub, i needed that bathtub to swallow me up.” 

Bríanán McEnteggartPH

At her heaviest Bríanán weighed 32st 11lbs and was a dress dimension 34

Bríanán, from Dundalk in eire, had struggled with her weight from a young age. At 15 she wore a dress dimension 20 and needed to have her garments in particular made.

As she received older she refrained from social situations, preferring to remain in and comfort consume. 

“Like most big youngsters I was picked on in school, I put up my defences so no-one would ever recognize they’d harm my emotions however when I received house I’d cry. now not so much changed as I obtained older. 

“At 27 you will have to be out residing your life, however I didn’t want to be seen by way of any individual so I’d just keep home and browse a book or watch tv.”

She tried to shed the weight by means of attending slimming golf equipment and even visiting a sanatorium dietician: “I felt the diets I followed have been all the time too restrictive for me. 

“I used to be hungry a number of the time and that i couldn’t match them into my life as a result of they didn’t let me have any treats. 

“My expertise on the dieticians used to be even worse, they said their scales couldn’t weigh me and that i had to sit in one thing known as ‘the weight problems chair’ – it used to be mortifying.

“It’s experiences like that that crush your self-confidence bit by bit.”

Bríanán was told by doctors that she needed to shed the weight or die PH

Bríanán was advised through medical doctors that she wanted to shed the weight or die

Then Bríanán’s friend Mary Murphy presented her to Slimming World. She decided to sign up for her on the local Dundalk Slimming World workforce, run by using consultant Fiona Pepper. 

Bríanán says: “I felt unwell and was completely petrified as a result of I felt I had this sort of long ride ahead of me. I didn’t want to worry though – Fiona got here operating over to provide me a cup of tea and everyone was so pleasant.

“Now I sail into the team, they’re like my second family and that i inform folks that there’s no motive to ever feel scared as a result of everyone – regardless of how so much weight they’ve received to lose – is there for the same cause.

“i believe I get as excited when different individuals shed weight as once I do, it’s superb to suppose we’re all helping each and every different as well as ourselves.”

She started out following Slimming World’s further simple eating plan and began taking part in extra common ingredients.

gone have been the tremendous-dimension bags of crisps and jumbo bars of chocolate and she took over the cooking at home, whipping up healthy recipes like turkey stir-fry for her parents, sister and nephew.

She misplaced 11lbs in her first week and four 1/2st in just three months.

Bríanán loves that she doesn’t have to feel hungry and may nonetheless enjoy treats like a small bar of chocolate, a bag of crisps or a vodka and food regimen cola.  

Bríanán lost an incredible 20st and found love with a fellow slimmer PH

Bríanán lost an implausible 20st and located love with a fellow slimmer

As she slimmed down Bríanán, who suffered from painful knees and legs on account of her size, commenced walking more.

She says: “before i might struggle to walk even 500m so I couldn’t do too much initially. i started with the aid of strolling between one lamppost and every other and increase slowly.

“Now i will walk three miles a day and i’m hoping to take up Zumba and begin shaking my hips a bit.”

Bríanán’s recently reached her target weight, shedding from 32st 11lbs to 12st 6lbs, and was once named Slimming World girl of the year 2014.

What she’s lost in weight, she’s gained in self assurance; she successfully utilized for a job with a web based coaching company, discovered a love of shopping and has swapped staying in for nights out on the dance flooring with pals.

It used to be on a night out in summer time 2013 that she met fellow Slimming World member Keith Lynch, who has misplaced 5st himself, and the pair soon became a pair.

They’ve recently moved in together and are planning a future.

Bríanán, now 31, says: “I in truth imagine that if it wasn’t for my Slimming World group I wouldn’t be alive today, i’d be six-foot beneath and my parents could be traveling my grave.

“My physician is over the moon and so am I. I’ve always beloved studying but now instead of burying myself in a ebook at all times, i feel like I’m at last starring in my very own fairy story.

“These prior three years were one of the best years of my lifestyles and i will’t wait for everything that’s nonetheless to return.”

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