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'Sleep was my enemy': A Bond actress on fighting insomnia

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Yennis Cheung, skyfall, insomia, sleep disorders, hard nigh sleep, china, actress, hollywood, james bond, daniel craig, bbc drama panic, bejing operaHollywood actress Yennis Cheung has battled insomnia during her lifestyles[GETTY]

brilliant-eyed and full of zest Yennis Cheung looks as if she’s by no means ignored a night’s sleep yet for many of her existence the petite actress has fought a combat against insomnia.

At her worst she has been diminished to tears by fatigue and struggled to deal with long hours of filming that may take a look at the most robust of performers.

When she talks about her upbringing it’s infrequently surprising she developed sleeping problems. Born in China and raised in Hong Kong, Yennis, an simplest kid, noticed her family combat to survive.

“When my oldsters and that i moved to Hong Kong after I was once just a few months previous that they had the an identical of £2 with them,” says the actress, who played the casino cashier within the Bond film Skyfall.

“They have been members of the Beijing Opera and didn’t understand Hong Kong had television and flicks. For the primary five years we lived in a tin home which was like a slum and we began out sleeping on newspaper.

“My mum went through rubbish containers to search out quilts and covers for us. Hong Kong gets a lot of typhoons so a couple of occasions a yr, every time a hurricane hit, our house collapsed.”

satirically once her folks abandoned their dreams of performing and received jobs in a manufacturing unit and on a construction site Yennis developed unhealthy habits which she believes affected her dozing patterns.

“My folks had been at all times very busy and out working so I was left at residence by myself quite a bit,” explains Yennis, 26, who is now based totally in north London.

insomniaInsomnia can wreak havoc on victims' lives [GETTY]

“My eating regimen wasn’t at all wholesome. I ate various junk food. I lived on fizzy drinks, chocolate bars, crisps and fast food.

“thankfully I used to be very lively and fit. My dad used to be a martial arts champion and had skilled me given that I was a child. I also swam for my college so I didn’t turn out being chubby from all the junk food.

in the event you don’t sleep, nothing works

“As a young person I may never get to sleep and my mum also suffered from insomnia. at the age of 13 I’d lie in bed tossing and turning, looking to power myself to go to sleep. after I couldn’t sleep I drew cartoons. It felt as if sleep was all the time my enemy.

“I had this kind of dangerous relationship with it and became extremely worried about just going to mattress.

She provides: “It used to be no wonder my body wouldn’t switch off and leisure. I had three cans of cola a day – all that fast meals and so much chocolate. The caffeine from the cola gave me false power. So I did smartly academically making an allowance for I used to be surviving on a couple of hours’ sleep per night.”

At 14 Yennis gained a spot at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in classical opera. As a young person she additionally began doing some modelling and signed with Sony tune ahead of becoming an actress.

Eight years in the past she moved to the UK to pursue her performing occupation. amongst her credits are Shanghai, any person to like and Skyfall but regardless of her success she was once still affected by insomnia.

“Sleep is so important especially when i’m filming for 12 hours at a time,” she says.

Yennis Cheung, skyfall, insomia, sleep disorders, hard nigh sleep, china, actress, hollywood, james bond, daniel craig, bbc drama panic, bejing operaEven whereas filming Skyfall with Daniel Craig, Yennis was stricken by insomnia [GETTY]

“Filming Skyfall was once an exhilarating time however as soon as I obtained a wreck in filming i’d head again to my dressing room and take a look at to sleep.

“previously altering my eating regimen by means of chopping out carbohydrates and sugar helped but I was drinking various green tea and chinese language natural tea, each of which contain caffeine.

“I ate numerous fish and sleep-inducing foods comparable to lettuce and bananas and i drank a variety of green juices however I still wondered if there was once something lacking in my food regimen that might assist me sleep.”

“Some shoots have long past on for sixteen hours. Having no sleep affected my reminiscence and ability to understand that my lines in scripts. I appeared drained and suffered from baggage and darkish circles beneath my eyes. I had to make use of a lot concealer to duvet them.

Yennis knew what a very powerful chance it was to be forged in Skyfall, essentially the most latest movie in the 007 franchise, however she nonetheless couldn’t beat her demons.

Yennis felt she had carried out all she might until earlier this yr a chum informed her about NewGen Superfoods Plus (£37.ninety nine for 15 sachets from newgendirect.com), a chemical-free powdered meals supplement constructed from fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds.

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