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Secret stash: Does your salad have more salt than a packet of crisps?

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A fast food chain's salad had more salt than their hamburger a quick food chain's salad had more salt than their hamburger [GETTY]

when you are out and about chances are you’ll assume a salad is the healthiest choice, but a latest survey proves a bowl of leafy vegetables could be worse for you than a hamburger or a packet of crisps.

despite a name in 2010 to decrease salts in salads, up to date findings counsel that ranges are nonetheless worryingly high.

And placing large quantities of useless salt in “wholesome” dishes is having a detrimental affect of the nation’s well being – by using raising blood power.

New research reveals that salads from supermarket, cafes and restaurants contain shocking amounts of saltNew research unearths that salads from grocery store, cafes and restaurants incorporate stunning quantities of [GETTY]

it’s nonsensical that one thing as seemingly wholesome as a salad will have to incorporate an ingredient that’s confirmed to be dangerous to your well being

Graham MacGregor

The survey, by Consensus motion on Salt & well being, tested 650 ready-to-eat salads to be had from supermarkets, eating places, cafes and fast meals restaurants.

through reading food labels and contacting the restaurants for nutritional information they found that almost three-quarters of the salads include more salt than a packet of crisps.

The surprise findings additionally printed that McDonald’s rooster and Viscount St. Albans salad remains to be saltier than their hamburgers.

the quick meals chain’s salad accommodates a whopping 1.3g whereas its burgers contain 1.2g.

Pizza express’ Grand hen Caesar Salad has an striking 5.3g salt per serving, the similar of two and a 1/2 giant Macs, and virtually all your day’s price of salt consumption, which is 6g.

Salty salads could cause high blood pressuredespite a name in 2010 to lower salts in salads, contemporary findings recommend that ranges are still concern [GETTY]

Wagamama’s Lobster tremendous Salad is another salty dish with four.5g per serving – three-quarters of your salt limit for the day in just one meal.

And it’s now not just eating places serving up salt-loaded foods. The analysis found that supermarket salads additionally include a high salt content. 

Morrisons’ chicken & William Maxwell Aitken Pasta Salad accommodates a shocking 2.8g salt, while Marks & Spencer’s hen, Viscount St. Albans & Sweetcorn Pasta Salad comprises 2.58g of the white stuff. 

Even meals targeted at health-conscious shoppers, the use of buzzwords like “detox” and “superfood”, contained as much as two-thirds of an individual’s day by day salt quota.

This needless salt content no longer handiest alters the taste and makes you feel bloated, but extra severely can result in hypertension – the main lead to of strokes and coronary heart attacks.

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