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Scared stiff: rare neurological dysfunction leaves man FROZEN with fear

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Hyperekplexia is a condition that stops his brain from suppressing shockAndrew used to be diagnosed with hyperekplexia – a condition that stops his mind from suppressing shock[BARCROFT]

we now have all had that feeling of “jumping out of our pores and skin” when terrified, but when Andrew Latham is startled his entire physique freezes up.

The 38 yr old suffers from a uncommon neurological disorder which causes the extreme body-stiffening reaction. 

The dad of one suffers from hyperekplexia – a situation that stops his brain from suppressing shock.

because of this, his complete body tenses on every occasion he hears loud noises similar to fireworks, canine barking, and even anyone coughing.

The doting dad's whole body freezes up every time he hears a loud noise The doting dad's whole body freezes up each time he hears a loud noise [BARCROFT]

Andrew has suffered with the crippling condition considering delivery and was subjected to merciless bullying at school, with classmates continuously making noises to make him bounce.

however he has fought again and on account that being formally diagnosed at the age of 21 he has became his life around.

nowadays he lives with spouse Lynne and son Sam in Accrington, Lancashire.

I spent all my childhood in and out of clinic. It was once horrendous

Andrew Latham

And the soccer fan never misses his favorite team Accrington Stanley play – despite the raucous noise in the stands.

“dogs barking, people coughing, fireworks and anything else surprising actually startles me and makes me leap,” he said.

“but once I’m observing the soccer i will stand there like any one else.”

Andrew’s parents, Janice and Chris, mentioned they knew something was once wrong ahead of their son used to be even born.

Janice explained: “once I was about seven months pregnant i noticed in the womb that he just felt stiff. When he was once born he would jump every time we tapped his incubator.

“When he bought to high school the youngsters picked up that he jumped on every occasion the door shut in class so then, as youngsters are, they might intentionally make noises whenever he was once near. 

“He did undergo an awfully sad length at school.”

The 38-year-old never misses a match even though loud noises can make him freeze The 38-12 months-old never misses a suit even if loud noises can make him freeze [BARCROFT]

but Andrew’s jumpy condition is so uncommon that he had medical doctors stumped for years.

Chris stated: “We have been considered by means of consultants and psychologists. They in reality couldn’t pinpoint what it was once. First they said it was cerebral palsy however they ruled that out and then stated it was a muscle problem.”

Andrew delivered: “I spent all my childhood in and out of medical institution. It was once horrendous.”

It wasn’t until Andrew used to be 21 that he was finally diagnosed with hyperekplexia – because of the an abnormality in a specific gene in the mind.

Professor Kailash Bhatia, Andrew’s neurologist, defined: “there are particular chemical compounds that are essential for inhibition of the worried gadget.

“When these chemicals aren’t present the brain is more responsive and it becomes more excitable.

“He would not have the ability to suppress noise that the rest of us might.”

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