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Pioneering gel rods in backbone banish back discomfort

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pain-free back, slipped disc, pioneering surgery, flare-up, back spasm, herniated disc, gelstix rod implantEmma is now enjoying a ache-free again after pioneering surgical procedure[GETTY]

Even when she wasn’t within the throes of a back spasm she’d put her existence on hold fearing another flare-up at any time.

“by way of the start of this year I wasn’t in point of fact living a lifestyles, I used to be just present for the reason that ache used to be dominating everything I did,” says Emma, 33.

She first suffered again pain weeks after having daughter Zosia, who is now 5.

Emma notion the taking pictures pains had been the after-effects of pregnancy but their intensity grew. “There weren’t any evident triggers,” she says. “I could go to bed at night feeling high-quality but the subsequent morning i would get up unable to maneuver. I felt I had no keep an eye on over what introduced it on.”

Her GP referred her for an MRI scan. She was once diagnosed with a single herniated or “slipped” disc which worsened into three discs being broken.

A herniated disc occurs when one of the vital cartilage disc pads between the vertebrae which make up our backbone, ruptures resulting in the gel-like substance leaking out. it will irritate local nerves inflicting ache, numbness or limb weakness.

Emma adopted ache management advice, swimming and taking on Pilates. She also took growing ranges of anti-inflammatory drugs to help her on a daily basis.

pain-free back, slipped disc, pioneering surgery, flare-up, back spasm, herniated disc, gelstix rod implantback ache supposed that Emma felt like she could not live her lifestyles [GETTY]

i will be able to eventually take my life off pause and no longer concern that my back pain will stop me living

Emma Rygielska

then again late final 12 months she went on go away from her university administrator job due to the continuing pain.

“I was virtually housebound and had to make use of crutches. i’d had a steroid injection however the effects have been very quick term and i gave the impression again at sq. one.”

fortuitously Emma’s folks read in regards to the pioneering surgical procedure performed by way of Martin Knight, a specialist orthopaedic and spinal doctor.

After analyzing Emma he stated she used to be an acceptable patient for surgery. Mr Knight’s manner involved injecting a Gelstix rod implant right away into the damaged disc. The rods are created from a smooth hydrogel substance which absorbs water.

They swell as much as three times their size which bulks up the damaged disc and forestalls it bulging or pressing on the nerve.

He has been carrying out the procedure for two years and operated on 35 patients.

Mr Knight says it may be more a hit than typical surgical procedure as well as being much less invasive with a far shorter recovery time.

“we feature out the procedure with the patient sedated however absolutely unsleeping,” he says. “they can tell me precisely the place the ache is even though we’ve got a scan of the broken disc for reference. With the patient speaking to me the consequences had been more successful as i will be more exact treating the site of the ache. It only takes about 10 minutes to insert the rods.”

Emma, from Greasby, Wirral, had one disc injected with Gelstix. the 2 others have been repaired, with the bulging elements being trimmed before the leaks in them had been sealed the usage of a laser.

the complete procedure lasted three hours.

“this type of surgical treatment has absolutely modified Emma’s life,” says Mr Knight. “She had been dealing with an awful lot of pain and a future with extra of the identical to suffer.”

He says later this year Gelstix rods might be used on patients with even more degenerated discs as a result of it has proved so encouraging on these with much less severe circumstances.

Emma, who hobbled into the health center for surgical treatment on crutches, used to be ready to walk unaided simplest hours later in the clinic ward.

She’s now taking part in a brand new pain-free lifestyles. “i am still being very careful however to this point the implications were definitely superb,” she says.

“i will be able to at last take my existence off pause and not fear that my again pain will stop me residing.”

The Gelstix implant procedure is best available privately at a price of around £10,000.

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