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Pampered Pets: Will a uncooked food food plan lend a hand my cat?

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pampered pets: raw diet for cats may a food regimen of raw food be healthy for our pets [GETTY]

Q: My three-12 months-outdated domestic shorthaired cat occasionally suffers from tummy upsets and i’ve been recommended that a raw weight-reduction plan will restore the problem. is that this real?

A: Cats are obligate carnivores. Meat and fish must form the majority of their food regimen. within the wild they consume what they capture, which is predominantly mice and small rodents.

Most pet cats are fed commercial diets and my two cats, for example, are fed pouches that contain a variety of meat and/or fish. Many vets proceed to counsel just right high quality industrial food.

Switching diets too often can lead to tummy upsets as cats take advantage of a gentle weight-reduction plan which does not differ too much.

a variety of vets suggest a uncooked weight loss plan because it mirrors the meals cats would eat within the wild.

then again, preparing such diets will also be labour intensive and there are some attainable issues.

Switching diets too frequently can lead to tummy upsets as cats make the most of a gradual weight loss program which does not vary an excessive amount of

micro organism, particularly Salmonella, are steadily current in uncooked chicken and could cause issues in house owners and their cats.

it may be troublesome to nutritionally balance residence-prepared diets. as an instance, an excessive amount of raw fish could cause thiamine deficiency, which is able to result in worried problems.

you possibly can also wish to embody a complement containing the amino acid taurine, a deficiency of which will result in blindness or coronary heart disease.

There are some commercial uncooked food firms that produce food which is nutritionally balanced and simple to feed.

See naturesmenu.co.uk for extra data.

* David grant MBE used to be a vet on the RSPCA Harmsworth clinic for Animals. Write to him at express your self, 10 lower Thames St, London, EC3R 6EN. he is unable to enter into particular person correspondence.

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