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Pampered pets: What’s inflicting my cat’s nosebleeds?

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Pampered Pets: Vet David Grant answers: What’s causing my cat’s nosebleeds?Some veterinary investigations can be required to get a correct prognosis [ALAMY ]

Q: we’ve got taken in a stray cat. even though he used to be originally very skinny his situation is now improving because of regular feeds and worm and flea treatments. on the other hand he has not too long ago started sneezing blood. What will be inflicting this and is it severe?  

A: You point out that just one nostril appears to be producing a bloody discharge. this might suggest that he may have a tumour in his nasal passages.

There are different imaginable motives. much much less severe is a foreign physique. This is usually a grass seed, specifically at this time of yr or a blade of grass.

You mention he has no tooth however this doesn’t rule out dental illness. He will have a rotten enamel and the infection can be affecting the nasal passages on that side. Being a stray it is not going that he has been vaccinated so his situation will be as a result of an infection associated to cat flu.

He could have a rotten teeth and the infection will be affecting the nasal passages on that facet

A much rarer cause is the fungus cryptococcus. youthful cats can endure from nasal polyps but in an old cat that is most certainly the least probably result in.

Some investigations will likely be required to make an accurate analysis. essentially the most helpful can be an inspection of the nose and taste bud below general anaesthesia followed by using an X-ray of the nostril. Blood assessments can be helpful too. then again taking into consideration the possible previous age of the cat and the difficulty treating some of the reasons mentioned above i counsel having a chat together with your vet relating to the prices and advantages of such tactics.

• David supply MBE was once a vet on the RSPCA Harmsworth health center for Animals. Write to him at specific yourself, 10 decrease Thames boulevard, London EC3R 6EN. he’s unable to enter into individual correspondence.

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