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Pampered Pets: must we take our cat on holiday?

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 give your cat a full health take a look at when you make a decision to ship them to a cattery [GETTY]

Q: My spouse and i are wanting a vacation and whereas we plan on taking our canine we are involved that our cat would worry in a cattery or get lost if she got here with us.

What are our choices?

A: it is a very common problem. i’d have no hesitation in advising a good cattery and your vet might be able to recommend one for your space.

an important thing at the start is to ask your vet to present your cat a full well being test.

You talked about that she has two injections monthly for her bronchial asthma, which is managed.

A well being check followed via her injection may give you up to two weeks sooner than she needed to be viewed once more and also provide you with peace of thoughts.

it will be a good idea to provide her customary meals and perhaps her bed or bedding to the cattery in order that she feels extra at dwelling.

Cats don’t like adjustments to their pursuits so she could be put out initially however in my expertise even outdated ones soon adapt.

• David provide MBE was a vet at the RSPCA Harmsworth health center for Animals. Write to him at specific your self, 10 lower Thames boulevard, London EC3R 6EN. he is unable to enter into particular person correspondence.

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