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Pampered pets: My cat has stopped eating

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pets, pampered pets, rspca, vet david grant, vets, animals, cats, dogs, cat not eatingHepatic lipidosis is extra widespread in overweight cats following a duration of not consuming [GETTY]

Q: My sixteen-year-old cat has began to refused his meals. several blood exams and different investigations revealed liver disease and jaundice. he is now residence, a lot thinner, on a unique eating regimen and takes a pill day-to-day. What else will we do to maintain him with us for so long as conceivable?

A: the truth that you took him to the vet early and he is now residence, eating and receiving therapy is encouraging. preserving him eating is essential and if this becomes difficult tube feeding can be required.

the main kinds of liver disease in cats are cholangitis/cholangiohepatitis and hepatic lipidosis.

Supportive therapies embody calorie wealthy diets, nutrition and a drug referred to as destolit, which regulates bile function

Cholangitis/cholangiohepatitis can also be resulting from bacteria or infiltration with lymphocytes (white blood cells). This latter kind is much less neatly understood.

Hepatic lipidosis is extra fashionable in tubby cats following a period of not eating. i’d wager that your cat does no longer have this.

Blood samples and in all probability an ultrasound are probably the most useful preliminary checks. For a definitive analysis a liver biopsy is important, although this might not be required if your cat is already responding to therapy.

remedy is largely supportive and goals to motivate the liver to regenerate, which is fortunately one thing that the organ could be very able to doing.

Antibiotics are vital if bacterial involvement is suspected. Supportive therapies include calorie rich diets, vitamins and a drug referred to as destolit, which regulates bile operate. i’m cautiously optimistic to your cat’s restoration, which could take a couple of months.

• David furnish MBE was once a vet on the RSPCA Harmsworth clinic for Animals. Write to him at express your self, 10 decrease Thames St, London, EC3R 6EN. he is unable to enter into person correspondence.

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