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not only for movie Stars: Rene Piedra DMD Explores Botox In Dentistry

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Rene Piedra DMD Explores Botox

Rene Piedra DMD Explores Botox

most people affiliate Botox* with smoothing out facial wrinkles. Its use and popularity has grown at a terrific charge in contemporary years, boosted through the publicity it has obtained from Hollywood celebrities, for whom picture is everything.

however who has ever heard of Botox being used within the box of dentistry?

Rene Piedra DMD bargains Botox in his Florida apply, and is certainly one of a select team of dentists who use Botox for quite a few procedures as a substitute or complement to more traditional methods of remedy.

Dr. Piedra asserts that some dentists are unaware that Botox can present a considerable merit as an adjunctive treatment in sure dental treatments. One example is in the case of a situation often called TMJD.

TMJD, short for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, is a condition affecting jaw muscle mass and the joints which join the mandible to the cranium. the most distressing symptom is the ache associated with the motion of the jaw and muscle groups when chewing, for instance. This pain is on a regular basis adopted through constrained mandibular movement, and noises from the temporomandibular joints. The situation, while no longer lifestyles threatening, is uncomfortable and can transform chronic. exceptionally, it is the 2d most accepted cause of orofacial ache after toothache and so can’t be unnoticed.


Botox relieves jaw tension by way of fighting the muscles from engaging within the powerful movement of the jaw that produces complications and pain. as a substitute remedy, Botox is quick, easy, and effective. The injections are administered in the dentist’s place of work, and most sufferers experience a striking improvement in a couple of days; the utmost reduction is usually felt inside every week.

A 2nd situation which lends itself to Botox treatment is referred to as bruxism. that is the extreme grinding of the tooth and/or extreme clenching of the jaw. Bruxism symptoms can embody hypersensitive enamel, aching jaw muscular tissues, and complications. Bruxism reasons wear on the teeth and also can damage or spoil enamel and crowns or fillings.

American brux statRE

the idea at the back of the use of Botox to treat bruxism is that a diluted answer of the toxin will in part paralyze the muscle mass and reduce their potential to forcefully clench and grind the jaw. however, it is necessary that sufficient muscular function be retained to permit customary actions equivalent to talking and consuming. This treatment in most cases includes 5 or 6 injections, however the dose of toxin used depends upon the individual; the next dose could also be wanted for some individuals with stronger muscular tissues of mastication.

a third, however less frequently used application for Botox, is when it is used together with usual dermal filler remedy as a non-surgical different to high lip line circumstances. This procedure is required following a particular type of crown and bridge therapy so as to enhance the final esthetic external look of the mouth. The impact of the Botox is to weaken the muscles surrounding the lip whereas retaining the flexibility to talk, smile, bite, and, of course, kiss.

botox lip

another software of Botox is for the retraining of muscle mass all through orthodontic treatment. It reduces the depth of the muscle after remedy; over time, the muscle could also be retrained to a more physiological movement. it is a good choice for sufferers who’re affected by a big orthodontic relapse as a result of a hyperactive muscle.

Botox can be helpful for individuals who no longer have their authentic enamel, but have to rely on dentures to do the work. New dentures may work perfectly in the mouth, but sturdy irregular muscle contractions make it difficult for some folks to get used to them. Botox simply eases the transition and acceptance of the new substitute tooth.


Rene Piedra DMD is considered one of numerous dentists who view their work in a much wider perspective than merely maintaining teeth or gum health. they need their sufferers with the intention to smile, and really feel comfortable about doing so. the issue is that as folks become old, the corners of the mouth commence to show down because of normal muscle building over the years. it’s that you can imagine to inject Botox to calm down these muscles, which then ends up in the corners turning up.

The question which then arises is that this. Does this type of remedy still come inside the house of dentistry, or does it in reality belong to the sphere of beauty surgical operation? What about the usage of Botox to cure the wrinkles across the lips – ceaselessly called “people who smoke’ wrinkles” – which intrude with a full smile?

The U.S. has entered an technology through which a whole host of unqualified individuals are administering Botox, including beauticians and hairdressers, among others. it will possibly no doubt be argued that dentists, as oral and maxillofacial specialists, are far better certified to manage Botox to this space than someone else.


What can’t be argued, according to Rene Piedra DMD, is that Botox is a valuable addition in the sphere of dental therapies for those dentists who are skilled and willing to use it.

(* BOTOX® is the emblem name for a education of the Botulinum toxin manufactured by way of Allergan, Inc. the usage of the title is for journalistic readability, and does no longer suggest any endorsement or recommendation for this specific model.)


Rene Piedra DMD Explores Botox

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