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New meals on the block: All you need to learn about superfoods

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uncover all you want to find out about the most contemporary superfoods


what’s it? A nutty-tasting, tiny Ethiopian grain with a nutritional punch. It’s excessive in iron, is said to scale back PMS signs and is superb for vegetarians searching for new variations on protein sources.

How should i exploit it? Nutritionist and creator Natasha Corrett says: “It’s a great grain that can be used as a flour change. i take advantage of it in gluten-free baking.” in finding recipe ideas at honestlyhealthyfood.com. 


what is it? A “microalga” that has been championed for its well being benefits since the ninth century. This green powder can also be taken as a food complement and its excessive protein and iron content make it ideal to take all the way through being pregnant or when the immune device wants a lift.

in line with Tipper Lewis, head herbalist at Neal’s Yard remedies, “Spirulina has 65 to 70 per cent complete protein, which is the highest of any recognized meals.” 

How must i exploit it? Add some powdered spirulina to a smoothie with berries and almond milk – are attempting Viridian’s organic spirulina powder (£25.99 for 100g) or snack on a bounce spirulina and ginseng energy ball (£2, Tesco). 

raw cacao

what’s it? These bean-like seeds are the unique ingredient from which cocoa, chocolate and cocoa butter are made, however that you may now buy uncooked cacao in powdered kind in most supermarkets. It’s off the dimensions in the case of nutritional advantages, and is alleged to give protection to your nervous device and reduce the danger of coronary heart illness.  

How must i use it? 

“i use the powdered version for baking and drinks for a guilt-free indulgence,” says Madeleine Shaw, author of Get The Glow (£20 – see book shop at expressbookshop.co.uk). It’s rich in magnesium and sulphur – great for building sturdy nails and shiny hair.


what’s it? a bit of-known cabbage that appears a bit like a turnip, with a sweet flavour and a crunchy texture. Dietician and writer Nigel Denby raves about its nutritional value: “It incorporates indoles – chemical compounds that can reduce the consequences of oestrogen and therefore reduce the risk of breast most cancers.

It also comprises isothiocyanates, which may promote cancer-protecting enzyme job.”  

How must i take advantage of it? Sliced up in salads or coleslaw, introduced to soups or even sliced thinly and baked as chips. 


Chia seeds are high in antioxidants

Goats’ curd

what is it? It tastes so much like cream cheese however has a richer flavour with a moderate tanginess to it. It’s a excellent source of protein but, warns Nigel Denby, “it is not an appropriate cheese various for people with lactose intolerance.”

How will have to i use it? It’s delicious in lots of Mediterranean-impressed dishes, from salads and pizza to pastas – think of the way feta and goats’ cheese are used for idea. look for it on your native delicatessen or try making your individual (see cheesemaking.com).

red quinoa

what’s it? The development for quinoa, the nutty grain with an earthy style, displays no sign of abating but did you understand it in truth is available in three sorts – black, white and pink? Helen Stevenson, nutritionist for Marks & Spencer, says: “Quinoa is packed with lysine, an amino acid wanted for tissue increase and repair, in addition to magnesium, a mineral that aids muscular rest.”

How will have to i take advantage of it? M&S has a whopping 10 salads that incorporate this supergrain. are attempting its Mexican rice, quinoa and avocado salad (£2 for 205g). which you could also throw it in at the finish of cooking a stew as an alternative of rice or add to a curry instead of lentils. 


what’s it? A root vegetable, eaten in powdered form, that originates from Peru. it is excessive in iron, calcium and potassium and looks as if a very big radish. It tastes moderately nutty and the Incan people used to name it “meals of the gods” for its well being benefits.

How should i take advantage of it? Madeleine Shaw is a huge fan and uses it in powdered type in drinks. She recommends attempting it in a Savse Get the Glow Protein Punch smoothie (Boots, £three for 250ml): “With a high level of flavonoids, maca is a formidable antioxidant and is said to be a strong fertility booster.”


what is it? A citrus fruit, bursting with vitamin C, that hails from Japan. It tastes like a pass between a lemon, lime and an orange and seems like an oversized lemon. 

How should i take advantage of it? It’s ideal for seasoning grilled hen, fish and salads – try yuzu seasoning sauce (£3, Sainsbury’s). Or the delicious new yuzu and fervour fruit yoghurt from M&S (priced 80p). 

Chia seeds 

What are they? These taste very much like crunchy poppy seeds. they’re derived from a herb and were used across South america for hundreds of years as a base for nutritious drinks and as a meals source. The seeds are better in antioxidants (the substance that may assist to forestall most cancers) than every other wholefood and are wealthy within the so-known as “mind food” omega-three fatty acids.

How will have to i exploit them? Use up to three tablespoons of chia seeds in a smoothie each day – are trying Naturya chia seeds from cut price-supplements.co.uk (£5.ninety nine for 300g). Scatter on cereal, combine with lemon juice and olive oil for a salad dressing or use in baking in place of poppy seeds. 

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