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Myths busted: the truth about children and chickenpox

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health, chickenpox, dr, children, kids, itchy, spots, measels, symptons, myths, answers, treatment, creamsigns of chickenpox are typically gentle, however in addition they be very itchy and irritable [GETTY: PIC POSED BY MODEL]

caused by the highly contagious varicella-zoster virus, chickenpox results in  quite a few disagreeable signs together with  an itchy rash, spots  and blisters.

The resulting scratching can result in additional infections, sleepless nights and permanent scarring.

Chickenpox is resulting from a pressure of the herpes virus and is highly infectious, spreading quick throughout the coughs and sneezes of any individual who is infected.

children frequently capture it in winter or spring, specifically between the months of March and may just.

even supposing signs are usually gentle, chickenpox will also be incredibly itchy which makes it distressing for both mother or father and kid.

For therapy it’s best to practice medical advice reasonably than old wives’ memories.

listed below are one of the crucial in style misconceptions in regards to the sickness that I ceaselessly come throughout.


“If my child has chickenpox I will have to take them to the GP right away”

Chickenpox in children is frequently a mild disease that goes within just a few weeks with out the wish to see a GP.

If you are feeling confident that your youngster’s symptoms are chickenpox, contact your pharmacist with the aid of phone or seek advice from your native pharmacy with out your youngster to prevent infecting inclined members of the general public.

on the other hand it is important to are seeking scientific advice if your kid is underneath 4 weeks previous, has chest pains, breathing difficulties, if they turn into very drowsy or wobbly on their ft, can’t take fluids for the reason that rash in their mouth is severe, have a rash which bleeds or bruises under the skin, turn out to be increasingly more in poor health or the skin blisters have transform contaminated and seem yellow or pus-crammed.

 Most doctors suppose that chickenpox parties are a bad idea [GETTY: PIC POSED BY MODELS]

parents must enable their youngster to experience the illness naturally

Dr Sarah Jarvis


“It’s a good suggestion to show your kid to the virus at a chickenpox celebration”

analysis has proven that one in eight folks said they’d believe intentionally exposing their youngster to chickenpox to be able to get the sickness “out of the way in which”.

Most doctors agree this isn’t a good idea. think about how you possibly can really feel in case your kid used to be the one in 1,000 who used to be admitted to sanatorium with complications and also you had deliberately exposed them.

oldsters will have to enable their child to experience the sickness naturally.


“Giving my youngster aspirin will lend a hand with any ache and cut back their fever”

there is no youngster-protected version of aspirin and it should by no means take delivery of to a toddler under sixteen because it has been linked with a uncommon however unhealthy illness called Reye’s syndrome.

as a substitute are trying liquid paracetamol which reduces fever and offers pain relief.

drug treatments containing ibuprofen for kids are very efficient for a lot of childhood complaints nevertheless it’s highest to keep away from any type of ibuprofen in youngsters with chickenpox.

a little analysis has shown that ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs) may elevate the danger of developing critical pores and skin an infection complications in kids suffering from chickenpox.

 there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that calamine lotion relieves the signs of chickenpox [GETTY: PIC POSED BY MODEL]


“Calamine lotion helps to ease the chickenpox itch”

there is no clinical proof to suggest that calamine lotion does anything to relieve the symptoms of chickenpox.

It deals a temporary cooling impact because the liquid evaporates on the pores and skin.

alternatively this drying impact could exacerbate the condition and in truth cause additional itching.

Care ViraSoothe Chickenpox relief Cooling Gel (£8.99 for 75g from pharmacies nationwide) will cool the skin and assist to alleviate itching.


“My youngster has been in poor health for 5 days and remains to be getting spots, this isn’t normal”

it’s completely commonplace for youngsters to obtain extra spots for roughly seven days.

The preliminary fever steadily starts a day or so ahead of the spots come out and usually starts to settle after about three days.

however it’s still contagious except the spots scab over and dry up.

problems are very uncommon in a healthy kid however if you are at all concerned you must consult a health care provider.

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