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Mum reveals distress of water allergic reaction that means even her own TEARS might kill her

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allergic, allergies, water, tears, kill, die, rare, disorder, anaphylactic shock, rash, painful, red, itchy, sweat, swellBarbara Ward was once recognized with aquagenic urticaria, which means she is allergic to water [SWNS]

Barbara Ward, 43, was once recognized with the uncommon disorder after being hospitalised by a shower which sent her into extreme anaphylactic shock.

Any contact with water triggers a painful rash and wheezing and he or she has to hold two epipens always and take sturdy antihistamines each day.

Mrs Ward can not even drink undeniable water and can handiest deal with just a few sips of tea or milk at a time.

She cannot train in case she breaks into a sweat, avoids weepy movies in case she wells up, and even has to stay indoors all over rain storms.

Even the most simple day-to-day duties such as washing the dishes, bathing her children or going to the pub may kill her.

Mrs Ward, from Hartlepool, Co. Durham, is restricted to simply two one-minute baths per week, which nonetheless depart her in excruciating pain.

Her situation, aquagenic urticaria, is so rare it most effective impacts one in 230 million people and medical doctors are still unable to give an explanation for what reasons her signs.

She stated: “it is an absolute nightmare and that i react each day to the standard things in lifestyles.

“i will’t even read sad posts on facebook as a result of if I get dragged into an emotional whirlwind and end up crying, I might die.

 Her physique develops a crimson, itchy rash when she has been in contact with water [SWNS]

“i’m used to dwelling like this now however it’s this sort of restricted existence.

“i’m no longer like different mums, i can’t even run around with my children or play with them since the sweat may ship me into shock.

“household get togethers are off the playing cards and i can’t ever go out for a meal or go to the pub for a pint.

“other people’s perfume can set me off so going out in public is in point of fact unhealthy too.

“It sounds so improbable, however i have to live like this.”

Mrs Ward first realised one thing used to be fallacious when she started growing purple, itchy rashes far and wide her body.

doctors originally idea she used to be suffering from eczema and prescribed her steroid cream, nevertheless it did not get any higher.

It was once now not except her early 20s that the previous name centre worker realised she felt in poor health after consuming water.

“every time I drank water my throat would close up and i might be in reality wheezy,” she said.

“ahead of that, i’d just notion it was once acid rain that was once making my skin burn but then the penny at last dropped.”

In October 2013, after years of struggling, she was finally recognized with the extreme water hypersensitivity after a bathe put her in health center.

The allergy, which is barely understood by mavens, can boost later in life and get more serious over time.

 Barbara’s situation makes even the smallest of everyday duties tough [SWNS]

Now she has to take additional power antihistamines during the day and avoid water in any respect prices.

Her husband Michael, forty six, has to carry out the entire family chores comparable to cleaning, cooking and washing.

He even takes their youngsters Nathan, 23, Jordan, 19, Natalie, 11, and Jasmine, 5, on domestic holidays and for meals without her.

Mrs Ward can only drink tea or milk with out suffering a response and she has not inebriated a glass of plain, chilly water for 20 years.

She stated: “I actually don’t bear in mind the way it works, my physique is made from water!

“no one in point of fact is aware of the rest in regards to the condition so i’m misplaced.

“For some motive I’ve always been comfortable with tea and milk.

“A sip of tap water could make me have wheezing and angioedema of the throat.

“My most effective bet is that it must be all the way down to the chemical compounds they pump into the water supply.”

happily, Mrs Ward has had toughen from charities Anaphylaxis UK and allergic reaction UK who’re helping her work against top an ordinary lifestyles.

Maureen Jenkins, hypersensitivity skilled at allergy UK stated: “Aquagenic urticaria could be very rare and so unpredictable as it may turn into more extreme over time.

“Barbara can drink hot water in tea but no longer cold tap water because the response is a uncommon form of bodily urticaria [itchy rash].

“this implies there are allergic-type symptoms that aren’t resulting from the traditional hypersensitive reaction mechanisms. alternatively the reaction remains to be very real.

“As yet, the underlying biological mechanisms usually are not understood.”

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