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mother Nature’s medication cabinet: natural remedies to maintain you on your toes all wintry weather

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 Many vegetation, herbs and flowers promote good health [GETTY]


Mint is legendary for soothing headaches, fighting nausea, calming the stomach and decreasing anxiety and fatigue. 

it is easy to grow, in reality it’s going to fast take over your backyard except you often prune it again or plant it in person pots.

decide a handful of leaves and steep them in sizzling water to make a calming mint tea. Drink it after a meal to aid digestion, or any time you could have a bloated or uncomfortable abdomen. often really helpful for victims from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


This herb will also be discovered growing all over Britain and is good for calming an upset stomach, specifically in children as a result of it is very gentle with a refined style. simply decide the flower heads and dad them into scorching water to infuse and create a tea.

but the health advantages don’t end there. “Camomile comprises flavonoids that are pronounced that can assist you get a good night time’s sleep,” says Monique Simmonds, an skilled in the medicinal homes of crops, herbs and flora at Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew.


Lavender is well-liked for inducing sleep but it additionally has a settling effect on the frightened gadget. Clare G Harvey is an expert in the therapeutic homes of flora and author of The Practitioner’s Encyclopedia Of Flower therapies, and says: “when you are feeling wound-up, anxious, stressed, angry or extremely strung, with stress headaches as well, lavender is sensible for calming your whole machine down and restoring stability.

Lavender is renowned for inducing sleepLavender is favorite for inducing sleep [GETTY]

Lavender is favorite for inducing sleep but it also has a settling effect on the frightened machine

“that you could both buy lavender essence and take it orally, popping just a few drops underneath your tongue, or you should pick flora from the backyard, infuse them in hot water, strain, then add a little honey to sweeten sooner than drinking.”


many people will keep in mind that stewing rose petals in water to make “perfume” once we have been kids however do you know that the same process can create a tea known to help raise delicate despair? “drinking an infusion is a good way to lend a hand elevate low temper at the moment of yr when the nights are drawing in and plenty of folks suffer from Seasonal Affective dysfunction (sad) because of the dearth of daylight,” says Clare Harvey. “Many roses are nonetheless in bloom well into the autumn so decide their petals whereas they’re nonetheless available. inebriated as a tea, they are additionally helpful for alleviating pre-menstrual symptoms akin to irritability and stomach cramps.”


traditionally thyme is famous for its propensity to stop iciness colds and flu due to its antibacterial and antiseptic houses.

mix thyme with sage and you have got a marvel therapy that’s stated to raise the immune device to guard towards colds and flu. Use contemporary or dried leaves to make a calming tea or spritz it on to a sore throat.

Tannins within the plant additionally help relieve gentle diarrhoea according to Steven Foster and Rebecca L Johnson, authors of Desk Reference For Nature’s drugs.


Native to Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia, crimson clover is now ubiquitous international. The plant’s reddish pink blossoms can be used for coughs and colds but they’re an important detoxifier and blood cleanser as smartly.


for hundreds of years ginger has been known for its medicinal properties and chinese language and Indian healers have lengthy recommended its use. “brand new Western drugs also helps using ginger for quite a lot of health concerns from nausea and colds to indigestion and migraines,” explains Monique Simmonds.

Make a tea by way of cutting fresh ginger into sizzling water and leaving it to infuse sooner than straining. if you are suffering from morning or go back and forth sickness, chewing on fresh or crystallised ginger can work wonders.


if you’re feeling the first symptoms of a wintry weather cold or flu, disregard shop-sold treatments and check out ingesting tea constructed from elderflowers.

“traditionally elderflower has lengthy been used to soothe sore throats and in addition accommodates decongestant properties to clear the nasal passages,” says Monique Simmonds.

Catnip is particularly useful for relieving flu symptoms Catnip is particularly helpful for relieving flu signs [GETTY]


This herb is particularly helpful for relieving flu signs, especially breaking a fever as it promotes sweating. Catnip also helps cease excessive bleeding and swelling when applied relatively than ingested. a gentle tea made with catnip is alleged to lend a hand give a boost to digestion, ease morning illness and calm nerves. Its stress-free houses also assist individuals who suffer from insomnia.


Rosemary is recurrently prescribed in natural medication for low temper and depression but isn’t used if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure as it additionally acts as a stimulant. It increases blood go with the flow to the mind so can lend a hand with negative reminiscence or if you feel just a little tired and wish one thing to rev up power levels – good if you’re revising. but it surely’s highest not to drink it before bedtime except you intend to be up all evening.

GP and homeopath Dr Charlotte Mendes da Costa additionally recommends it as a therapy for dandruff: “Make an infusion of the herb in sizzling water, leave to chill then rinse your hair with it after shampooing earlier than you leave the shower.”

Sage is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antifungalSage is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antifungal [GETTY]


Sage is known to help banish negativity and is superb for wound healing. it’s extensively regarded as to be in all probability the most valuable herb because it’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antifungal.

Clare Harvey recommends the leaves you probably have a swelling or a pores and skin complaint similar to eczema: “Make a poultice by way of mashing a excellent amount of sage leaves in a bit of heat water then wrapping them in a damp material and applying immediately to a swollen ankle, as an example,” she explains. “in case you have a skin inflammation, steep the leaves in scorching water, leave to cool then soak a bandage or towel within the infusion and apply to the affected house.”

when you’ve got crimson sage to your backyard, make a powerful infusion and gargle with it once or twice a day – or drink a little bit, it tastes bitter – to deal with a sore throat.


With its diverse odor and style, basil is among the perfect beloved culinary herbs. however it’s also known for settling the stomach, stimulating urge for food and appearing as a pure antiseptic.

either use contemporary basil leaves to make a herbal tea or get the same benefit by way of including them to sandwiches and salads. in case you have an insect sting or chunk, crush a couple of leaves and rub them for your pores and skin to soothe the aggravated area.

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