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How I took the sting out of my wasp hypersensitive reaction

Jun 18,2014 0 Comments

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For six months of the yr i am afraid to move outdoor. Barbecues, cream teas, even a pint with the aid of the river have develop into issues of the earlier. at the onset of warmer climate I retreat inside as a result of with the sunshine comes bugs that chunk.

namely one terrifying insect, the wasp, which may literally be the demise of me.

last 12 months I was once attacked by means of a swarm of wasps after I by accident upended a nest hidden in the bark of an old tree stump in my garden. I fled but they took no prisoners and that i was stung more than 20 occasions by the point I reached the safety of my home.

An hour later I was in health facility, my face swollen and a rash spreading over my torso. docs were involved i’d go into anaphylactic shock.

fortunately I survived and now carry an adrenaline-filled EpiPen and a wallet stuffed with antihistamines in case i am ever stung again.

A referral to the allergic reaction medical institution at guy’s clinic in London adopted. After a sequence of skin pricks it was once revealed I used to be allergic to wasps.

just one sting may now be life threatening. fortuitously, extremely effective therapy was to be had.

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