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How a coronary heart attack saved my life

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When Sylvia green used to be rushed into health facility with severe chest  pains she may now not have imagined what lay in advance. The seventy five-yr-old had suffered a coronary heart attack and had to spend her wedding ceremony anniversary and christmas in medical institution.

alternatively the guts attack and subsequent tests would become a blessing in hide, revealing Sylvia had most cancers which might otherwise have remained hidden.

“I had a chest X-ray and the doctor stated, ‘we have discovered a lump to your lung which shouldn’t be there’,” recalls Sylvia of Birmingham.

A biopsy identified lung cancer. this sort of cancer has bad survival charges as a result of it’s usually recognized at a late stage.

“in fact it was a 2nd shock on top of my coronary heart assault and the word ‘cancer’ scares you to death,” says Sylvia. “I didn’t have a cough or anything else that might make you bring to mind lung cancer and wouldn’t have thought to be myself to be particularly at risk.

“I did smoke after I was so much youthful however gave up 40 years in the past. I worked in administration in bus garages so it could be linked to fumes from the buses.”

Sylvia’s physician, medical oncology guide Dr Qamar Ghafoor of the Queen Elizabeth medical institution in Birmingham, says: “There are regularly no signs of early lung cancer which means cancer that has now not yet spread into the lymph nodes.

“best a fifth of patients with lung cancer are in Sylvia’s fortunate place the place the most cancers is found early sufficient for healing therapy to be imaginable.”

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