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coronary heart fears over pills to ease arthritis ache

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One in 5 sufferers takes at the least two highly effective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to keep an eye on the pain and stiffness, a new report has printed.

The document, commissioned with the aid of charity Arthritis research UK, concluded: “extraordinarily being concerned is the significant selection of sufferers who are taking two oral NSAIDs on the related time.

“This class of drugs is well-known to cause negative effects, particularly in patients who’ve chance factors. These embrace being elderly, having high blood pressure, ulcers, having had a previous heart attack or taking certain other medications.”

there is not any treatment for osteo- arthritis, which impacts virtually 9 million folks in Britain and costs the NHS £5.2billion a 12 months, says the charity.

The findings spotlight the debilitating ache one in six individuals with arthritis within the UK faces each day

Dr Liam O’Toole at Arthritis research UK

About half of these with the illness are taking the medicine, both prescribed or over-the-counter, despite struggling the debilitating unwanted effects. nearly nine out of 10 are interested by these effects which can lead to heart assaults, stroke and stomach bleeds.

The fears led ninety nine per cent of those wondered to assert they want a drug-free gel treatment which has proven efficient.

Dr Liam O’Toole at Arthritis analysis UK said: “The findings highlight the debilitating ache one in six individuals with arthritis in the UK faces on a daily basis.”

Researchers surveyed 440 people, aged 20 to ninety, with a joint-pain situation.

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