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drinking your own wee: is this neatly being craze about to hit Britain?

Jun 26,2014 0 Comments

drinking urine, drinking wee, health craze, healththe newest well being craze sweeping China is people eating their very personal urine [CEN]

For a nation of people who devour tiger components, shark fins and cobra blood within the pursuit of excellent neatly being it can be perhaps no shock that the most recent health craze sweeping China is urine .

This weird waste remedy is gaining reputation right through america, with as many as a hundred,000 people swearing it keeps them wholesome.

5 years up to now urine treatment disciples on mainland China and within the metropolis of Hong Kong founded the China Urine remedy association.

There are 1,000 members in the association, however 10 occasions as many practitioners.

Bao Yafu, 79, a retired engineer in the city of Wuhan in important China’s Hubei province, is the chairman of the affiliation and has been consuming urine for 22 years.

drinking urine, drinking wee, health craze, healthOne drinker says he additionally makes use of his personal urine to scrub his face [CEN]

in the beginning, he felt “gross” but later claimed he become acquainted with it on account of its “health advantages”.

Bao drinks three cups of his own urine day-to-day and even makes use of it to scrub his face.

“i have never caught a chilly in the past 22 years,” he mentioned.

“My eyes grow to be brighter and there don’t seem to be any age spots on my face.”

Bao mentioned that he had a clinical check-up closing 365 days, which discovered his bone mineral density is as superb as that of a man forty years his junior.

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