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Do you wish to have your vagina to smell like a ripe peach?

Nov 21,2014 0 Comments

Do you want your vagina to smell like ripe peaches?GETTY

a brand new Silicon Valley start-up needs to make our intimate bits scent like fruit

Oh my god, your vagina doesn’t scent like a juicy stone fruit?

neatly, two Silicon Valley bio-hackers have created a approach to that embarrassing drawback.

Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome have developed a probiotic complement known as candy Peach so as to allow women to change the scent of their body odours.

“the theory is personal empowerment,” stated Austen.

“your whole smells usually are not human. they may be produced by way of the creatures that live on you.”

We’re no longer totally certain if ’empowerment’ is the right phrase for a product insinuating ladies need to restoration or reinforce their intimate areas. 

then again, the 2 male founders say their strange idea would possibly have some sensible advantages like combating yeast infections and other well being issues due to microorganisms. 

nevertheless it’s now not just the odour of women’s nether areas the pair have their points of interest on fixing.

additionally they have plans to increase Petomics – a probiotic for dogs and cats to be able to make their poo smell like bananas. 

sadly the fruity vagina enhancer is not yet in the stores.

folks that wish to donate to the product can do so via the crowdfunding website Tilt. 


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