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cure your winter sniffles: Get a dose of fact about colds and flu

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Colds and flu are caused by airborne virusesGETTY

Colds and flu are as a result of airborne viruses

a quarter of Britons still firmly consider the old adage “feed a cold, starve a fever”, in line with a new survey.

the results of a poll by Lemsip all in one, looking at beliefs about the motives and highest remedies for colds and flu, printed that a fifth (21 per cent) still put their religion in a homemade “domestic treatment” that has been passed down the generations.

around 30 per cent admitted to believing in previous wives’ memories such as that having a mustard bathtub or a bowl of rooster soup will treatment their wintry weather sniffles.

“it is superb that these days of scientific advancements and get right of entry to to confirmed chilly and flu remedies, individuals nonetheless fall back on conventional home made therapies,” says a spokesman for Lemsip multi function.

extra worryingly, the research additionally printed that 34 per cent of people consider that antibiotics deal with viral infections, while a fifth want antibiotics were extra comfortably prescribed through their GP, even supposing most of these medicine are utterly ineffective for treating colds and flu.

Professor John Oxford, a virologist from Queen Mary, college of London, says: “Antibiotics aren’t effective for treating viral infections corresponding to cold and flu.

chilly and flu signs will regularly resolve without remedy and if you need symptomatic reduction, are searching for a combination product which comprises a painkiller and decongestant to alleviate the symptoms

Professor John Oxford, a virologist from Queen Mary, university of London

therefore folks will have to now not are expecting to be prescribed them. it is not handiest ineffective but it is contributing to the issue of antibiotic resistance, described by the arena well being enterprise as probably the most high three threats to human well being.”

He adds: “chilly and flu symptoms will on a regular basis resolve with out therapy and if you need symptomatic relief, are looking for a mixture product which comprises a painkiller and decongestant to relieve the signs.”

cold and flu sufferers are being encouraged to discuss with their high street pharmacy as a substitute of the usage of their GP or attending an A&E division, as a part of a plan to scale back power on the NHS.

any other false impression is that flu is just a bad cold. they’re due to various kinds of virus. There are greater than 200 sorts of virus that may cause a chilly however only three types that may result in flu.

each chilly and flu viruses can result in a headache, fever, sore throat, blocked nostril and chesty cough. symptoms of a cold enhance over a day or two and regularly get higher after per week. Flu tends to return on more quickly than a chilly and signs embody a surprising fever of 38-40C, muscle aches and pains, sweating, feeling exhausted and a dry, chesty cough.

youngsters get round seven to 10 colds a 12 months, while adults seize between two and three as a result of their immune programs have encountered many of the viruses before and they’re able to combat them off.

When an infected person coughs or sneezes they unencumber droplets of mucus into the air or into their palms, if they use their palms to duvet their mouth.

If these droplets are passed to another individual thru shaking hands or touching contaminated objects corresponding to doorknobs or keypads, they infect themselves with the virus by means of touching their eyes and noses.

Most of us touch our eyes and nostril more than we comprehend. The nasal cavity is linked to the eyes by using a duct and the virus travels simply from the attention to the nostril and throat the place it can lead to infection.

“it’s vitally necessary for people to scrub their palms continuously to assist scale back the chances of contracting chilly and flu,” says Professor Oxford.

“while cold and flu viruses are airborne and can also be inhaled when any individual coughs and sneezes, most colds are shriveled thru touching contaminated surfaces. maintain your palms and atmosphere clean and remember that, trap it, bin it, kill it.”

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