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courageous Hayley beats childhood sickness colitis

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Hayley Sparkes has worked with some big namesHayley Sparkes is set to stay as wholesome as she will be able to[PH]

When Hayley Sparkes seems on ITV’s This Morning giving recommendation to viewers on type and make-up or demonstrating the newest products on QVC she all the time appears confident, cozy and immaculately introduced.

no person would bet that due to the fact childhood 31-yr-old Hayley has been tormented by the autoimmune situation ulcerative colitis and as a teen needed to wear a colostomy bag. Hayley, also a presenter on property channel Property Search tv, was once simply seven when she seen blood in the toilet. soon the bleeding was accompanied by means of crippling abdominal pains, an pressing need to go to the bathroom, feeling susceptible and tired always.

“My stomach problems affected all areas of my life,” says Hayley, who lives in Brantham, Essex. “When the pains came on I had to get to a toilet instantly as I had no regulate over my bowels. I by no means ventured too a long way from home. I didn’t go on buses and i did not play at my friends’ properties in case i ended up in their toilet for an hour.”

despite the severity of her signs it took medics a yr to diagnose Hayley with colitis which motives inflammation of the colon and rectum. Small ulcers advance in the lining of the colon which is able to bleed and produce pus.

it is estimated that 146,000 individuals within the UK endure from the illness which will strengthen at any age however is most incessantly recognized between 15 and 25. treatment frequently involves taking steroids to dampen down irritation and forestall signs from returning.

keen for Hayley to keep away from taking steroids, which will have disagreeable unwanted effects, her parents Vivian, now 58, and John, sixty five, funded as many treatments as they might, ranging from dairy and wheat-free diets to hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology and homoeopathy.

“We seemed for meals triggers and i attempted all types of diets but there used to be by no means any sample,” says Hayley. “Nothing labored aside from the steroids. i might get flare united states of americaand be unwell for many of a year. Then it might calm down for just a few months and i might come off the therapy however then it will flare up once more.

“The steroids made my cheeks blow his own trumpet like a hamster and brought about excess hair on my legs and arms which I had to shave from the age of eleven. My boom was stunted and even my skin used to be sore to the touch.”

by means of secondary faculty Hayley was once suffering from bladder problems, a weakened immune device from the steroids, common tonsillitis and stomach upsets. It was once all through this kind of flare-united statesthat she reached her lowest point.

“I used to be 14 and my GP told me to take paracetamol for my stomach upset,” recalls Hayley. “I remember that turning to mum and announcing, ‘which is it for me now. no one can assist me’.”

“I felt like I had no lifestyles anyway. i couldn’t go to school. Most days i could not get out of bed. i could not eat or keep drinks down. I gave up hope of ever having a boyfriend.”

a couple of days after the operation I freaked out

Hayley Sparkes

At Ipswich sanatorium an X-ray printed Hayley’s colitis used to be so extreme that her massive bowel was about to perforate which would put her vulnerable to lifestyles-threatening septicaemia.

She was once rushed to theatre and underwent a 5-hour operation to remove her damaged huge bowel and create a stoma, an opening on the abdomen wherein waste can depart the body and be gathered in a colostomy bag.

“over the years folks had tried to speak to me about these bags however the thought of them made me really feel so sick and terrified I never wanted to listen to about them,” says Hayley, whose weight had dropped to 5st.

“It sounded so alien and i couldn’t believe doctors may expect individuals to live like that. just a few days after the operation after I realised that’s what I had, I freaked out. I cried and requested how they might have finished this to me. I now recognize that they had no other option.”

within three months of the operation Hayley had recovered enough so as to go to school. “I may go swimming and horse riding, and i even had a boyfriend,” says Hayley.

“It was once like having a brand new rent of lifestyles. on the other hand there was a downside. The skin across the stoma was very sore and in the beginning I used to be so self-conscious I used to carry my schoolbag over my abdomen.”

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