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Baked beans, raisins and sweetcorn: What exactly counts towards your 5-a-day?

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Three heaped spoons of baked beans count towards one of five portionsThree heaped spoons of baked beans count against one in all five portions [GETTY/PIC POSED MY MODEL]

How much cauliflower do you think you might want to consume to count as a full portion of veg? Three or four florets? greater than that?

should you make a choice potatoes or baked beans as part of your five-a-day? And if this is the case, how so much?

New research unearths that giant numbers of us (59 per cent) are at a loss for words, not simplest about which meals and drinks should be included in our five-a-day goal (the quantity the government recommends because the minimal we wish to devour each day to care for excellent well being) but additionally how giant person portion sizes want to be.

consistent with the survey of two,000 adults conducted by fruit juice brand Tropicana, 1/2 of adults have been unaware that potatoes are not classed as a vegetable by way of the division of health as a result of they are too “starchy” and forty per cent were unaware that baked beans may form a part of their daily intake.

candy potatoes, tinned peaches, kidney beans or unsweetened fruit juice got here prime of the checklist of items that participants didn’t fully grasp might make contributions to their fruit and veg consumption.

When it got here to estimating top portion sizes, round ninety four per cent of the adults questioned mistakenly idea that between three and 5 cauliflower florets would depend as considered one of their 5 a day, when in truth you want to consume eight.

nearly eight in 10 (seventy eight per cent) wrongly believed that three or five slices of tinned peaches counted as one portion while you want seven slices. simply over 1 / 4 did not understand that a 150ml glass of pure unsweetened orange juice counts as a element.

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