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child boy with uncommon throat defect survives SEVEN coronary heart attacks

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Baby Keelan-John has had seven heart attacks in just nine months baby Keelan-John has had seven coronary heart attacks in just nine months [MENS]

A courageous baby boy has survived seven heart assaults in his nine months of lifestyles, but he has still come thru smiling.

Little Keelan-John Owen-Marston, from Colwyn Bay, north Wales, used to be born final November, with a uncommon situation known as laryngeal cleft.

The rare dysfunction, that happens in less than zero.1 per cent of the inhabitants, approach there is a gap between the oesophagus, which connects the throat to the stomach, and the trachea (windpipe).

generally the 2 are completely separate so swallowed meals go in an instant into the abdomen. but when laryngeal cleft happens the hole between the 2 approach food and liquid can go thru into the lungs.

as well as causing difficulties with breathing and swallowing, it also implies that child Keelan-John can’t cry.

“I haven’t heard him cry since he was once born,” said his mum Hannah Owen.

The little tot has a rare throat defect called Laryngeal cleftThe little tot has a uncommon throat defect known as Laryngeal cleft [MENS]

in truth his lack of tears was the first indicator that there used to be one thing flawed with him.

Hannah at the start had no idea that he had a problem except he was once born, two weeks and two days prematurely and medical doctors at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd medical institution turned into worried as a result of he hadn’t cried.

He’s alive, and that’s all that issues

Hannah Owen

exams then followed and he used to be transferred to Alder good day kids’s medical institution in Liverpool the place the condition was once identified.

“It’s very uncommon. There are only two other people i have found within the UK with a baby with this situation. Most others are in america,” stated Hannah.

Remarkably, the 9-month-outdated has handiest spent two weeks out of health facility in his short lifestyles as he struggles with respiration, digestion and heart issues.

“On January 9 he died for 20 minutes but they brought him back. He’s had seven cardiac arrests in complete,” stated Hannah. “but, bless him, he’s alive, and that’s all that matters.”

things began looking higher for the courageous baby after he underwent main surgical operation to separate the 2 pipes.

The operation known as a tracheostomy, which he had aged just two months, eased his respiration and he’s now fed through a food pipe fixed permanently into his abdomen.

 The condition was diagnosed after doctors noticed Keelan-John couldn't cry The situation was identified after doctors seen Keelan-John couldn't cry [MENS]

“I want to raise awareness and share my soldier’s story. He has been through so much up to now 9 months,” stated Hannah who lives along with her companion Ian Marston. 

And the proud mom-of-three, who additionally has a son Donovan, six, who has autism, and a daughter Ashanti, four, says she calls him her ‘little soldier’ because he has been so brave.

but the situation still has its difficulties and the doting mum has to % an oxygen cylinder for her poorly baby son each time they go away the house. in truth she says it has transform as computerized as discovering her purse and carrier luggage. 

thankfully, Keelan-John is currently residence from health facility and is doing smartly. “He’s a happy child. the first thing he does within the morning is smile. He’s on his play mat now,” mentioned Hannah.

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