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A chunky couple who had been teased by their very own household lost SEVEN STONE between them

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obese couple lose tons of weight with weight watchers dietnews staff world

James and Margaret Gibson have managed to lose seven stone between them on the load Watchers eating regimen

Chubby husband and spouse James and Margaret have shed seven stone after a stark serious warning call when Margaret’s father made insulting feedback about her weight on Christmas Day final 12 months.

The couple, who would binge on McDonald’s and chippy dinners every week, started out piling on the pounds after their two children were born.

At their heaviest, Margaret tipped the scales at 12st 5lb and James weighed in at an important 20st.

The hurtful feedback from Margaret’s dad, combined with James’ doctor telling him he may now not have a procedure carried out as a result of he would “die on the running table”, pushed the pair to begin taking motion and do one thing about their dimension.

fat couple teased by family on xmas daynews team international

James with the couples' youngsters ahead of their a hit Weight Watchers diets

legislation agency secretary Margaret said: “i will’t remember that exactly what my father stated but he made some sort of flippant remark to me about our appetite and i used to be in reality embarrassed.

“It used to be literally whereas we were having Christmas dinner and i wasn’t very impressed at all, but which is after I made up our minds it was once time to start losing weight.”

during the last 11 months, Margaret has misplaced 2st 5lb and slimmed down to a more fit 10st and a size 12. James has shed 4st, his waist has shrunk from 44 to 34 inches and he now weighs 16st.

The couple have Weight Watchers to thank for their weight loss program success after becoming a member of the crew in Biddulph, Staffs, in January this yr. They started seeing results immediately.

Margaret, 37, said: “We adopted the factors system at Weight Watchers. it’s brilliant and really simple to follow. You get a variety of recommendation on the meetings.

“I placed on weight after having my kids. they are now 10 and 11. You start to get a bit complacent with your lifestyle, and it was once the same with James.

“we don’t eat too dissimilar to ahead of, we’ve got simply modified our fashion of cooking. instead of shopping for a jar of sauce, we make our personal with the load Watchers recipes.

“We you’ll want to devour as a household. i feel much better than ahead of. i have extra power. Our weight loss has helped the kids as neatly.

“Being heavier did not cease us doing things before, but we’re extra energetic now.”

couple lost weight after mean comments by family on xmas daynews staff international

A slimmer Margaret also seems lots happier at a wholesome measurement 12

Self-employed hairdresser James got a reality test when he went to look a doctor about his varicose veins.

“The advisor said, ‘If I operate on you, you’re going to die on my table’. It used to be a kick up the backside.

“and then Margaret had the feedback about her weight over dinner final yr, so we determined to do something about it.

“Weight Watchers is simple to observe. We tried other diets prior to, however that is the one we have completed neatly with.

“We used to eat relatively healthily, but on a weekend, we would go to McDonald’s with the kids and we’d go to the local chip keep one evening per week.

“Now, we devour less takeaway and try to make things from scratch. our youngsters have benefited from the foods as well.

“We go to meetings together to beef up each and every different, if one has a bad week, the opposite is there.”

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