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6 Activities to Help You Lose weight

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6 Activities to Help You Lose weight
Weight loss has been an issue for every male and female with bulges here and there. Some do it to feel good about themselves, gain enough confidence to conquer the world and some do it to minimize lifestyle diseases in the future. If you are trying to shed off the pounds and have tried almost everything without any success whatsoever, then I guess it’sabout time you do something new.

I want you to believe that every second counts when it comes to fitness. It does not matter how short or how long an activity is, what is important is that you were able to do it that day, that you were able to check that box on your to do list, that you were able to set your priorities and you’re on your way to a fitter you.


I found these 6 activities to help you lose all that excess weight in no time:

Wake up early and work out for a good 10 minutes
Early to bed, early to rise does make a man happy, healthy and wise. One of the best ways to awaken your sleeping self is by doing a short workout session, a good 10 minutes is not bad at all. Make sure you do the following (3 sets of 20):
• Jumping jacks
• Pushups
• Squats
• Lunges
• Jump squats
• Squat hold
These exercises alone will boost up your metabolic rate in a snap. These can also help build lean muscle and help burn more fat when the body is at rest.


Don’t take the elevator, work your way up the stairs
Make it a point to get to school or work earlier so you can take the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator. People have gone so lazy to a point that this simple task is ignored completely and is considered to be used only when the elevator is broken. This simple exercise can make your butt look good and it will give you an energy boost.

Park your car far
Walking is a great way to lose weight and one of the best things to do that is by parking your car far. This way, you have a chance to do a little walking session to and from your car. If that sounds too simple, then advance to speed walking and eventually jog your way within the parking area.

Sweating it while on break
There is nothing wrong in making a quick run or brisk walk outside when you’re not even that hungry at lunch. Make sure to clean up your sweaty look and enjoy something low carb on your desk after.

Squat brushing
On an average, a person brushes their teeth for two minutes. While you brush your pearly whites, do a wall squat and hold position down to 90 degrees. Quite challenging but you’ll get the hang of it.

Hop on that bicycle
Using a bicycle not only saves the environment and your money, it also helps you lose weight. When doing errands, consider taking the bicycle instead of your car. You’ll get hooked to it no time and you’ll probably do it like a pro in no time.

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